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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Awesome Almond Oil

Almond oil comes from dried almonds that have been cold pressed. The qualities that make Almond oil so awesome is that it has vitamin E, which is awesome for skin and hair, along with vitamins A and D. It also has a great amount of oleic and linoleic acids. Because the oil has such a high concentration in vitamins and acids it is mostly used for skin care, but can also be used as a medicinal for skin ailments.

Almond oil has many great qualities:

1. Moisturizing
2. Anti-inflammation
3. Emollient Properties
4. Removes Dark Circles
5. Reduces wrinkles
6. Protects you from the sun

When applying almond oil to your skin while it is damp, the almonds have a way to trap the moisture inside your skin keeping it moisturized for an extensive amount of time. Because it is so lubricating many companies use it in there skin products, which keeps their customers very happy, and willing to return.

After many studies, Almond oil has been proved to have a calming effect to people that may have a skin inflammation, due to allergies or other causes.  It has also been proven to treat small wounds, chapped skin, like lips, heels or elbows as well as treat skin infections.

Emollient Properties.
Emollient refers to the ability of the Almond oil to get absorbed into the skin or hair. It can be used as a massage oil, since it is odorless and isn't greasy like other oils. It also helps in restoring a healthy PH, which cause the skin to emit a healthy glow, with the preserved moisture.

Removal of Dark Circles.
Almond oil has a natural ability to lighten the skin. This quality makes it perfect for the removal of dark areas on the skin, like under the eyes.

Reduction of Wrinkles.
Vitamins, like vitamin E, helps reduce wrinkles in the skin by keeping the skin protected and moisturized. It is best to apply the oil when skin is still damp, like right after you take a shower and in the evening before you go to sleep.

Sun Protection.
Everyday, no matter if we go to the beach or not our skin is exposed to the sun and it's damaging rays. This exposure causes skin wrinkles, aging, and skin cancer. Fortunately, by using almond oil on a regular basis, it can help reduce  and reverse the effects of this damage.

Almond Oil for the Hair:

One of the most beneficial qualities almond oil has for hair is sealant and protection. Almond oil has the natural ability to seal in moisture to the hair shaft, keeping it moisturized for an extended amount of time.

Saturated fats as well as mono saturated fats also give almond oil the ability to penetrate the hair shaft, moisturizing it from the inside out.

In addition to moisturizing the hair almond oil adds shine and elasticity to the hair, keeping strong while reducing breakage. Add to hair that is weak and dry, the oil will restore moisture and trap it inside the shaft.

There is nothing better than an all natural hair moisturizer, make sure you read the labels to all your hair products. Only get the pure and organic, no  chemicals for your beautifully natural hair!