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Friday, August 22, 2014

It's FIG Season again! A treat for your health!

My absolute favorite fruit, the wonderfully delicate fig. The outside of fresh figs are smooth and soft. The inside are a wonderful concoction of sweet and tangy. The texture of the meat is creamy but the seeds give it a delicate crunch to keep the taste buds interested.

Fresh figs are not always available, the California season for them is June through September. Have no fear though because dried figs are available all year around! So you can enjoy this tasty treat whenever you like.

Why are figs so awesome? Well they don't only taste good but they are very good for you!
Figs have a high percentage of fiber in them, making them really good for correcting chronic constipation. This amount of fiber also proves to help in weight management! Who knew!!

Are you allergic to dairy products? Do you have a problem getting all your recommended calcium? Well the fig can help with that also. It has the highest amount of calcium than any other fruit, 16% of your daily recommended dose. Calcium starving body, have no fear the fig is here!

Have you ever wondered is there a sweeter way to get iron in your system? Maybe red meats aren't your thing and your tired of eating salads, with dark green leaves. Well, turn to the fig, not only does it have a good amount of iron but it also has other wonderful minerals like magnesium and potassium. So if your allergic to bananas, try figs for a change. Potassium is very important in helping to lower blood pressure. Figs also contain B vitamins and vitamin K.

One of my favorite benefits of eating a fig is it has a wonderful amount of antioxidants! As a matter of fact, the riper the fig the more antioxidants your going to get! What are antioxidants? Well those little does get rid of the free radicals that cause cancer, heart disease and aging. That's right ladies, figs help keep you younger.

Well now we know all these wonderful things about the fruit, but don't leave of the leaves! They have a lot of nutritional value also. Studies have shown that the leaves have anti diabetic properties. They lowered the  amount of insulin the diabetic needed. Of course you would need to consult your doctor before stopping insulin and going all in with fig leaves. Studies have also shown that fig leaves can help completely correct diabetes.

Figs are so versatile, you can eat them raw cooked or in a smoothie! So look up those recipes and pick up some figs, your health is waiting!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Beauty of Shea Butter

So what's all the hooplah about Shea Butter? It seemed to have just popped up out of no where and completely took over the beauty industry.

Shea Butter is from Africa, and comes from the Shea nut, higher quality Shea Butter is cold-pressed leaving all the nutrients and vitamins, in the product. it has been used for thousands of years to moisturize and heal many different ailments.

There are several different classes to Shea Butter starting from class A all the way to Class F. A being the best and F being the bottom of the totem pole. You should really stay far away from Class F, as the lower class doesn't have the healing properties the higher classes have. 

The number one thing is Dry skin. So many people suffer from the everyday annoyance of dry skin. Shea Butter not only has the properties to relieve dry skin but it also heals the skin.It has been know to treat eczema, relieving the irritating, itchy, flaky skin. Shea Butter seals the moisture as it is absorbed into the skin. Keeping the skin moisturized the entire day, and night.

What about sun burn? Going to the beach is one of the worlds favorite past times and everyone has at least once experienced sunburn. The redness, annoying peeling, the pain! Not to mention the permanent damage that has been done to the skin.  To limit the damage though, and to quickly heal the skin Shea Butter is the way to go. The vitamin A in Shea Butter gives it the healing power it needs to quickly relieve and heal the skin after sun damage.

Here are a list of several other skin conditions that Shea Butter is known to cure:
Skin Rash
Itching skin
Use it as shaving cream, it protects the skin, promoting silky smooth skin
Small wounds
Skin cracks like on your heals
Protect your skin from the cold weather
Frost bites
Stretch mark prevention
insect bites
Muscle aches and pain
Skin allergies, as well as poison ivy and oak
Skin damage from burns

To purchase pure Shea Butter, click the link on the side of the page. Not only is this pure organic Shea butter, but it also is mixed with other organic skin and hair healing ingredients! Enjoy!