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Monday, January 26, 2015

Love Your Face Cream Cleanser and Moisturizer

Purely Beautiful is has had the Love Your Face Moisturizer for some time now, and has decided to also add a non foaming natural cream cleanser to go along with it.

The moisturizer is formulated to moisturize the skin without leaving it oily or clogging pores. This may come as a surprise to people who have long fought acne to actually be able to use a moisturizer that can be used to control acne. Check out the ingredients below to see the benefit of each oil for the face.

Grapeseed oil.
Grapeseed oil contains linoleic acid. This helps repair cell membranes in the skin and improve the general health of the skin. This includes restoring balance to acne prone skin. This oil also contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the clogging of pores, which will not only prevent acne but also clear up existing acne. 

The astringent contained in grapeseed oil with regular use will help tone and tighten the skin, giving you smoother and younger looking skin.

Under eye circles anyone? Whether it comes from dehydration, lack of sleep, pollution or other skin irritating effects dark circles can make the skin look aged and tired. Applying Love Your Face Moisturizer on a regular basis can repair the delicate skin under the eyes, giving you bright beautiful eyes.

Orange Essential Oil.
Citrus essential oils not only eliminate bacteria from the skin, but it also dissolves sebum on the skin and in the pores. But that's not all. Orange Essential oil also helps get rid of blemishes that can occur due to over exposure to the skin, or old scars from acne. It also helps control inflammation in the skin, which keeps the face looking and feeling happy and healthy. Aromatic benefits includes lifting depression, removing cellulite, relieves eczema, psoriasis and stress.

Beeswax is used to bring all the ingredients together to make the beautiful cream easy to apply, and to absorb quickly into the skin. Beeswax is also wonderful for controlling inflammation in the skin as well as soften dry, rough skin. It contains antibacterial and antiviral properties which help control acne and keep the skin looking smooth and young.

Ahh. Beautiful Rose Water. Not only does rose water smell heavenly, it can do wonders on your skin. It can soften the smile and thinking lines that seem to creep up in the least expected moment. It can also reduce inflammation in the skin, clearing any blocked pores. Like Grapeseed oil, rose water helps in diminishing dark circles that form under the eyes.

All these wonderful ingredients are contained in the Love Your Face Moisturizer, great for both for oily and dry skin. Now lets take a closer look at the Love Your Face Cream Cleanser.

The Love Your Face Cream Cleanser is great for all skin types. It helps rejuvenate aging skin as well as sensitive and combination skin types. What makes this cleanser special is the overwhelming amount of anti oxidants. It contains Aloe, Lavender, Calendula, White Tea and Rooibos, all which help smooth and soothe the skin. The antioxidants will rejuvenate the skin, leaving it soft and bouncy.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Love Your Face Toner

Lover Your Face Toner at Farmers Market
Love Your Face Toner is just another beautiful addition to the Purely Beautiful Body and Hair Care line. This toner is created to protect heal and soothe any problem skin type, while gently cleansing. Each ingredient is certified organic and natural. Chemicals need not apply.

Vegetable Glycerin: Great for pulling in moisture and locking it in the skin, keeping the skin hydrated and soft all day.

Willow Bark Extract: Willow bark extract is very soothing, and will help soothe stressed polluted skin.

Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids are derived from organic sugar cane, bilberry, orange peel, lemon peel, sugar maple and cranberries which provides nutrients the skin is starving for.

Peppermint: Last but certainly not least, gently exfoliates revealing smooth, glowing, youthful skin for days to come. 

Get yours by clicking the button on the top right. You can have it shipped, or if you are local have it dropped off at your house.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Masque

The beauty of the earth has no bounds. Rhassoul clay, also known as Moroccan Lava Clay, has been used for centuries to improve the skin and hair in many different ways. It comes from the Atlas mountains of Morocco. It is formed as a result of natural geothermal processes and volcanic activity.

The clay contains silicon, Magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium, lithium, and trace elements, which are all essential elements to maintain healthy skin and hair. After it is mined it is cleaned and laid out in the sun to dry and then ground into a fine powder. When first mined, the clay looks as a polished brown and soap-like clay but on further refinement it becomes smooth almost like silken earth.
According to findings from various studies Moroccan Rhassoul Clay lessens dryness, enhances skin clarity and elasticity and has extractive abilities (Removes surface oil and oil from inside and around clogged hair follicles ) that confiscate impurities and unblock pores, even stubborn blackheads resulting in a general smoothing of the surface skin. As a hair treatment, Red Moroccan Clay cleanses the hair, removing impurities, and leaves hair bouncy and voluminous.

According to Amaloils.com, Clinical studies have shown that a single use of Moroccan Rhassoul:
  • Improves skin texture (106%)
  • Reduces dryness (79%)
  • Reduces flakiness (41%)
  • Improves skin elasticity / firmness (24%)
  • Improves skin clarity (68%)
Get your Rhassoul Clay today from Purely Beautiful Body and Hair. Just click the link on the right side and order.

Stay beautiful! What goes in shines out.