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Monday, April 27, 2015

Beautify with Purely Beautiful's Oat Cleanser

Oat Cleanser
The skin goes through so much abuse. The sun burns it, the chemicals we use poison it, and we scrub it leaving it dry and depleted. Be gentle and loving to your skin and use Purely Beautiful's all natural Oat Cleanser.

Organic oats gently exfoliate away dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and soft. This Oat Cleanser also contains Bentonite clay, which when wet is able to get down deep into the pours and bind to the bad bacteria and toxins living in the skin and eliminate them.

Geranium and Lavender essential oils are anti aging, leaving the skin tighter and more radiant. Your skin will be left clean, soft and healthy.

Use this cleanser in the shower, sprinkle a tablespoon in the bath or a mask for face and body.

Click on the button on the top right and leave behind the damage that has been done to your skin and welcome it into the beauty of all natural.

Don't forget Purely Beautiful's all natural avocado based, body and hair lotion to moisturize right after cleansing.

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